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Vehicle Brake System

The vehicle brake system consists of pads, discs and callipers. Brakes are essential for slowing the vehicle down.

As a major safety feature of your vehicle it is essential that you keep your brakes in good working order.

The braking system is an important part of your vehicle and requires frequent checks to ensure correct operation and safety.

Every vehicle is different and driving habits are individual to each person. Therefore, unlike vehicle servicing, there is no set time frame for brake components.

Not checking the brakes for long periods could result in major defects and is false economy.

Checking and replacing worn brake pads on a regular basis could save money in the long run as worn pads will ultimately damage the brake discs resulting in higher costs.

Gavin Fleet Care can carry out a full brake test report to establish any problems and offer a while you wait service for repairs.

We always fit quality brake parts ensuring better braking efficiency and a longer life span of components.

If you would like to enquire into replacing your brakes please call us on  01234 855959 or use the contact us form.

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