Gavin Fleet Care Bedford Vehicle Diagnostics


Specialist Diagnostic Equipment

Gavin Fleet Care Bedford offer a full engine diagnostics service with fully trained staff using the latest equipment. We can check for faults across a range of vehicle systems including engine management, tyres, emissions, lights and controls.

Engine Diagnostics are essential, especially when working on newer vehicles with more onboard technology. It allows for fault finding and problem solving.

The ability to electronically diagnose your vehicle assists with finding and correcting a fault quickly. We can therefore, get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

With a dramatic increase in onboard technology and AI there is a lot more potential for things to go wrong.

Here at Gavin’s we are constantly investing in the latest technology in diagnostics equipment to assist and support our customers.

We all know how it feels when your heart sinks because you are rushing to get to work in the morning and an engine warning light pops up on your dashboard!

If a warning light or fault code has appeared on your dashboard please feel free to call us on 01234 855959. Alternatively, you can complete the contact us form.

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