Gav in Fleet Care Bedford Wheel alignment services

Wheel alignment

Gavin Fleet Care provide an unrivalled wheel alignment service. We make highly accurate adjustments to the wheels on your vehicle to ensure optimal positioning in accordance with manufacturer specification.

Gavin Fleet Care can provide wheel alignment services to most types of car, van and light commercial vehicles. We aim to ensure your vehicle is running at optimal performance levels.

Using our state of the art Hunter wheel alignment system we can conduct full 4 wheel alignment checks. This allows us to make accurate adjustments to your vehicles geometry including adjustments to the camber, castor and toe.

The benefits of having your vehicle’s alignment and geometry corrected:

Vehicle Handling

If the steering wheel is off centre or maybe you have to keep moving the steering wheel to keep the vehicle straight then you alignment is out. Making adjustments to the alignment will correct this.

Reduction in wear and tear

Reduced tyre wear possibly adding thousands of miles to the life of the tyres

Smooth Ride

A smoother ride as road shock is more efficiently absorbed


The alignment procedure includes checking the vehicle suspension. This allows us to note any worn parts which could lead to failure of the part or amount to more costly repairs.

If you would like to discuss any issues you might be having with your vehicle in regards to alignment please feel free to contact us.

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